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Xevious, an arcade game released by Namco in 1982, is a shoot ’em up in which players control a futuristic fighter plane as it battles various enemies.

The gameplay in Xevious is more complex than other shoot ’em ups of the time, as the player must avoid obstacles such as trees and buildings while destroying enemy aircraft. Players can also earn bonus points by destroying hidden targets called “Sola” during the game.

In Xevious, the player fights enemies in the air as well as on the ground, and the graphics reflect these different combat zones in two separate layers. One of the game’s unique features is that players must strategically use their weapons to destroy enemies while avoiding obstacles on both levels.

The gameplay in Xevious was enhanced by a scrolling background, as well as by a memorable soundtrack.

Since the arcade classic’s release over four decades ago, its innovative gameplay and memorable visuals have made it a favorite among gamers.