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You might want to walk or run in a colorful space where many surprises await you. As you move forward, you’ll feel more excited and joyous. Besides looking cute when they run and compete with each other, the lol beans also seem like tiny athletes. While they run, jump, fall, and get back up, they never give up until they’re eliminated.

Survival of the fittest is the theme of the game. It is a game where the player who endures the longest without being eliminated wins. Your lol bean needs to learn how to balance speed and patience to win. Put it to work in the game and see what happens. Practice makes perfect.

It’s remarkable how a single game feels like a new one every time you play it. LOL Beans is an exception to this rule.

How to Play

In the waiting room, you will find other beans who are just as eager to win as you are, so don’t feel inferior to them, because they are also real players. In 25 seconds, the game will begin; you have plenty of time to explore and roam around without fear of getting eliminated.

LolBeans, despite being a very interesting game, is not easy to win. The beans gather at the starting point, ready to go. The game is filled with obstacles, and the man of the match is the one who survives to the end.