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Donkey Kong

In 1981, Nintendo released the classic arcade game Donkey Kong. It starred a gorilla named Donkey Kong who captured a woman named Pauline and took her to the top of a construction site. Mario must climb the construction site in order to rescue Pauline while avoiding obstacles and enemies thrown by Donkey Kong.

There are four levels in Donkey Kong, each containing a series of platforms and ladders. Mario must climb ladders, jump over obstacles, and use his hammer to break barrels and defeat enemies. Mario must also avoid or defeat fireballs, rolling barrels, and other enemies in addition to Donkey Kong.

You will win the game by completing all four levels and rescuing Pauline from Donkey Kong on top of the construction site.

In addition to being a classic game, Donkey Kong has spawned numerous sequels and spin-offs. It is known for its challenging gameplay, memorable characters, and catchy soundtrack.