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Put your brain to the test with Bloxorz and see how far you can get without falling off the edge.

The goal is to move the block correctly through the level and into the hole. It seems simple, but Bloxorz is a challenging brain game that gets harder as you progress.

As the difficulty increases, different pieces of the puzzle are added to increase its difficulty. Switches, special tiles, multiple blocks, and different ways to arrange them are all used to increase the challenge.

You must land upright to activate X-shaped switches. When you land on a circle switch, also known as a soft switch, your block moves to a new location, splitting it into two smaller blocks at the same time. Switches that look like parentheses () will move your block to a new location.

In addition to orange tiles, you can find tiles that are more fragile. They will fall apart if you try to stand up vertically on them.