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Escape from strange rooms in the Backrooms Game, where you have to defend your home against monsters and decipher scary objects.

Backrooms is a relaxing online game that can help you relax after a stressful workday.

It’s a great horror game in which you have to escape a scary building. It’s always a battle with horror monsters and threats. It is impossible to predict what dangers or monsters will emerge next. It is also very important to get out of that horror building as soon as possible, as it is specially designed to make it difficult for you.


Getting lost is easy in Backrooms as it has many strange rooms and corridors. Can you find the shortest way out? What must you do to win?

-Find the shortest exit by exploring the entire building. You’ll encounter challenges along the way.

-Keep an eye out for odd items around to help you complete your quest.

-Beware of notes written by others. Some may be helpful, but others may be traps.

-Keep a cool head if you hear someone’s voice from a distance. This is common in horror games.