About Slope and Steve


My name is Steve the Slope, just kidding, you can call me Steve, not Hawking. I am one of those dudes that love to play games in school. Unfortunately many schools today have put filters and bans on domains that contain games. That is the main reason why I decided to create a website with unblocked games, especially my favorite game Slope. Now, whenever I want to play Slope, I just go to slopeunblocked.net and play the game without any limitations.

Slope is not just another web browser game. Slope is a game of skills and action. In the game, you need to be focused on the moving ball and the road in front of you. Make sure you don’t jump off the road and not to hit red cubes. The graphic in the game is just like the graphic in Tron the movie. Some people love this type of graphics while others will dislike it, but you can’t say that this game is not good. Like in many other games the goal is to be best. Set records, make unbelievable plays and overall have some fun.

Slope is an action game, but it is none violent game, and there is really no reason to block it in the schools. Above all this game can help kids get attention focus, improve coordination and even train your brain for anticipation. With all this improvements and skills one person can get this game should be played in schools.

Many other games are not blocked by the principal office, these games are often violent where a character in the game shoots or even harm other characters. These types of games should be banned in schools, but the Slope is nowhere close to these type of games. Slope is a nonviolent game that can actually help players become a better person. Kids with ADHD can use this game to prolong their focus time because if you lose focus just for a second during the gameplay, you will lose. ADHD players can use this game, and if they play it for a more extended period, I am sure it can help them stay focused for a long time. And maybe this continued focus with time can be used in real life.

If you are adult you can also play this game in the office, the game is unblocked and will work even if the company blocked all entertaining content. If you got caught playing Slope in the office you should not worry, the game is safe for work.

What else can I say other than wishing you happy playing. Also, make sure to check other games that are as good as Slope. I will try to keep more games on the website, so if for some reason you get bored of Slope there will be other unblocked games for you to play no matter if you are in the school or the office. After all, life is just another big game. Enjoy it, play with it.